Day 122 – September 8

5526.3 to 2539.9 (23.6 miles) – 
Today WAS a good day!!! The morning was a bit rough, everyone and everything was soaked and cold. It drizzled for a bit, and no one got out of their tents. I heard alarms ringing, but suddenly being turned off (same). No one wanted to move from their somewhat warm sleeping bags. 

When it stopped drizzling, I heard movement! So I started to get up as well. I heard someone yell “SUNNNNNN”, and when I got out of my tent, everyone in the campsite had their face toward the sun, basking in the bit of warm rays that we hadn’t felt in days. I knew it would be a better day! I decided to take it easy today. I got a late start and a few things slowed me down anyways. 

The first ten miles were downhill. I got them done fairly quickly, but didn’t want to slip and fall anymore. But of course, I did. Another log crossing got me!! I used a smaller log as a step to get over the large one, but it was wet and I slipped pretty bad. My leg went sideways and I bashed my knee. I didn’t let it ruin the day, though. I’m still alive and I’m still happy!! Just very excited to be almost done… 

Later on, I reached a junction for the old Pct route. The guide mentioned that it would be a short cut, cutting off 5 miles. However, you have to ford the Suiattle River and not get lost on the overgrown old trail. I suppose if others were with me, I would have done it. But alone, no thanks. Plus wetter feet sounds awful. I pushed on to the big bridge to cross the river, and I’m so glad I did! Since there was no tree coverage, I was fully exposed to the sun! I decided to take lunch on it. The sun would come and go, but I was able to dry out my gear. My sleeping bag most importantly! It was soaked. A girl at camp was worried for me and gave me an emergency blanket… haha. It is pretty cold here at tonight’s camp, if my sleeping bag and pad weren’t dry, I would be miserable. 

After lunch, I climbed about 4,000 feet up in elevation. But it was pretty gradual! I kind of like inclines in cool weather. My uphill hiker legs are stronger than ever after the other night, forcing myself to run uphill to camp before it got dark!

A few men on horses passed by me, heading south. I wonder how long they have been out, it’s been so rough and rainy…. poor horses. Several miles later, I saw a trail junction sign on the tree, with a temporary sign underneath that was informing us of a recent fire closure on that trail. I noticed right down the hill behind the sign, that there was smoke from someone’s fire. I thought maybe there were people camping early or drying their gear. I looked around and saw no one. Someone didn’t completely put their fire out. It really pisses me off that there’s people out here that really don’t even give a sh*t. I dropped my pack, grabbed my water and poured it on the crackling embers. A girl came and saw what I was doing and helped me, along with two others who gave me all of their water. It took 4 peoples full supply of water until it stopped smoking and crackling. On the way back up to the trail, I saw loads of horse crap all over the camp area. It was those men with the horses. Ugh!!!

Still didn’t let the day go bad! At that point, I only had 4 more miles to where I wanted to camp. Such an amazing few miles! I could actually see the views around me, fog free! Mountains covered in snow, and miles and miles of green trees all around. I finally got to see some parts of northern Washington (finally my views weren’t just blank white….!)

It only drizzled for a couple minutes the entire day! I hope my last 4 days are better weather too. It would be so lovely!

I’m in camp, there’s a group of 4 southbound flip floppers here. They told me about the last two towns up ahead, and one told me about the wolves up here… Oh great!!

*update: I got very little sleep because everyone in this camp has a monstrous cough along with a very bad case of the farts… I was tented in the middle of all of em!


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