Day 124 – September 10

Keeping it short because I’m way too sleepy!!!

I did about 17 miles to the road to hitch to Mazama to get my passport and the first car I saw when I reached the road was MY PARENTS!!!!!!! They drove all the way up to see me (they wanted to go to Canada when I finished but no passports!) I guess they very last minute decided to find people to cover their shifts for a couple days! So so so sweet. And my brother was there in Mazama with my pup Ripley! I was supposed to meet them in Canada but he was already up so… DOG!

I love my family so much!!!!!!

Also, yesterday I saw another bear! This time it was only 5 feet from me! I find it hilarious that I worry about bears all the time but then when it comes to one actually being there, I don’t freak out at all… (I have bear-anoia at night haha) I scared him off with some obnoxious noises.

I was stung by something today and it made me fling my trekking pole across the trail. I don’t know what it was but it HURT. My arm is incredibly sore from whatever it was.


ALSO, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN ONE MONTH! WOOHOOOOOO! Also the day I’ll be picking Lindsey up from the airport!! So freeeeakin excited.


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