Day 108 – August 25

2209.5 to 2226.5 (17 miles into town)
Packed up and was about to head out and then Penny started boiling water for tea… Then we sat forever. Tea on a cold morning will always suck me in! It was an easy 6 miles to water, where we met some folks who were heading into Trout Lake. Apparently that town has incredible huckleberry lemonade… So we started thinking about heading to the road to get a ride there! We had no expectations to get a ride, though. I didn’t mind if it was going to work out or not. 

When we reached the road, there was a table and chairs set up and an entire menu of things that a trail angel brought up! He made root beer floats, had snacks, resupply snacks, and a hiker box! Also, the cutest dog evvvvvver. I MISS MY DOG SO BAD! Ahhhh!!!

Soon enough, we were offered a ride into town. When we arrived, I ordered my lemonade and uploaded photos. Such a cute little town! 

We only did 17 miles because we ended up having trouble getting back to the trail before dark. Oh well, I’ll make it up!


Day 107 – August 24

2184.7 to 2209.6 (24.9 miles) – 

Penny and I started around 7am after a super great night of sleep. Of course there was another big climb! But we hiked to some picnic tables at a parking area near the trail where we found trail magic (WOOO!) first trail magic in Washington! There was water, beer, Gatorade, pastries, cookies, clif bars, carrots, pita chips, dip, and a trail journal. I couldn’t eat most of it but seeing people’s faces glow when they reached it made me so happy! Further up the trail, we met an older woman picking huckleberries. She was the kind lady who left all the trail magic! We chatted a bit and she told us about all the berries and we started to devour every huckleberry along the trail… Our bellies are full of the most tasty berries I’ve ever had! We ended up hiking 10x slower since we stopped every 5 seconds for pickin

Later, we reached Bear Lake, the last water source for the next 10 miles and also where we wanted to camp. It was only going to be 20 miles in, so we continued. It started to get dark and we couldn’t find anywhere to camp. I heard loud rustling noises in the brush nearby and nearly pooped myself. Penny grabbed onto my pack as I screamed like a baby. We started to get paranoid so we began to sing old nursery rhymes in ugly voices as loud as we could as we continued as fast as we could down the trail. 

It grew completely dark and there was still no luck with finding a place to knock out. Penny can basically sleep anywhere with her hammock, but I needed to find a flat space on the ground. We thought about splitting for the night but I was being too big of a baby to stay somewhere alone. As we kept hiking on, we spotted a giant bear sized hole in the hill next to the trail which spooked us, so we started making crazy noises. Right in front of us was a tent with someone sleeping inside… Whoops! Way to freak someone out. 

Soon enough, we found a decent spot in the woods where we could finally knock out. I’m exhausted! 

Penny update: day two no cigarettes is complete! She feels great, and hasn’t gotten all crazy grumpy like she usually does when she doesn’t have a cigarette. Yay! However, she had the worst case of the farts ever known to man. Help.

Day 106 – August 23

Rock Creek 2163.7 to 2184.7 (21 miles) –

This morning I headed out of camp solo. Last night, just penny and I set up camp and about an hour later, Griz, Brad, Crafty and the puppy showed up. I planned on waking up and heading out super early, but ended up taking a while longer trying not to pack up loudly or wake anyone up. There was another big climb this morning that took me a while to defeat. When I reached the top around 10am, I decided to stop and eat. Right when I was about to start hiking again, Penny and an older section hiker named John caught up. John is such a nice dude!! So optimistic and kind hearted. He’s hiking from Seiad Valley to Canada for his summer. Go John!

Update on Penny: Day 1 of quitting smoking!! Even with being around other smokers off and on all day, she didn’t give in! Woooo!!!!! She’s super motivated and excited to be quitting so far. I know she can do it. She decided to part from her trail boyfriend because she knows he’s not good for her to be around in order for her to grow. Sometimes you have to give things up to better yourself. 

Its my “lady time” and I ate the majority of my snacks in a day and a half. I still have 4 days until my next resupply. I. Love. Snacks. If anyone wants to send snacks I have 3 more resupplies left! I can’t stop eating send help…

If I average 23 miles a day, I can finish he trail in 20 days. By September 12th! This is so crazy. I can’t believe it’s almost over. In a way I feel sad, but I’m also incredibly excited about life after the trail. My brother just got a new car to come pick me up, and we get to road trip together back home. It will be so fun! And then a couple weeks later is my birthday. Lindsey plans on flying out and then we will take our road trip to Minnesota where I’ll be living for the next year. I plan on making so many positive changes to myself and the way I’ll be living. Change is so exciting. I look forward to everything!

Photos: a beautiful view with Mt. Adams far in the background, I saw a giant slug, spilled almond butter down my jacket, and uh… Penny spends 70% of her days laughing at her belly

Day 105 – August 22

Bridge of the Gods 2144.7 to Rock Creek 2163.7 –


Crossed the Bridge of the Gods around 1pm this afternoon. I ended up staying in Cascade Locks two days longer than planned because the PO was closed Saturday and Sunday. I mailed a bunch of stuff home this morning to drop some more weight!

Today’s hike started with a pretty big climb. Almost 4,000 ft incline. The beauty and excitement of being in Washington overpowered everything, though. It’s so green and lush here!!!

Penny and I didn’t even realize that we did 20 miles. Time went so fast!! We talked and made strange noises the whole time. Penny decided that she was going to quit smoking and drinking starting in Washington. We keep joking around saying that I’m her life coach… haha! We also both decided that if we do hike together, that we will both try to do push ups and crunches before bed (Yeah right). She says she’s trying to get rid of her belly (named Pertruvious). I gained almost 10lbs out here somehow…. So I don’t know what’s going on!

I cannot believe how gorgeous this part of the trail is. Only a few more weeks left out here…

Also guys, I apologize for not updating for  so long. I think I needed a break from the blog life for a bit. I’ve been so exhausted to write one each night before bed. But I plan to post as much as possible until I finish!! Thank you guys ❤️

Day 85 – August 2

Seiad Valley 1653.4 to 1668.3 (Nero-14.8 mile day)

Hiked out from Seiad Valley around noon and began the 8 mile climb with 4,500ft in elevetion gain…. 

I was such a slug. It took me 6 hours…. That’s so bad!!! Oh well. Once I reached the top it became so much easier and I had already forgotten about how sucky the climb was. Not to mention it was over 90° with very rare shade!! 

I only saw one person entire day while hiking. Supposedly more people are night hiking nowadays to avoid the heat. 

I went about 3 miles without water and felt like I wad shriveling up into a sad little prune. I underestimated how much water I would need, not thinking about how hot and intense the climb would be. I’m okay! (You’d think after being out here for so long I would know better…). I got into camp around 9pm. I reached the water source near a dirt road with some flat space for tenting. 

Tomorrow I aim to do 37.4 miles…. Haha…. We shall see. Sleep tight!

Also, I reach Oregon tomorrow morning!!! 

Day 74 – July 22

North Fork Feather River 1338.1 to Hat Creek 1367.1 (29 miles) 

In Lassen Volcanic National Park! It’s beautiful (and really really hot). I saw another bear this morning! He was only 10 feet from me… I actually didn’t even see him until the guys in front of me yelled and waved me down. I thought they were waving hello so I just said hi back… Whoops! The bear blended in perfectly with the log next to him. He was probably about 2 years old, pretty small and scrawny looking.

Out paces are different, but I spent my breaks with Click, Cheese Beard and Squints. Fun guys! Click got an amazing photo of the bear. He carries around a hassleblad! At lunch, a ranger chatted with us for a while and told us they see at least one bear a day in the area, and that one of them killed a deer right in front of them the other day. Yikes!

29 miles later, we are all camped out at Hat Creek. Cowboy camping with the spiders (and deer eating bears?). Old station for breakfast tomorrow morning in 3 miles, and then I’m going to aim for a 30 mile day. Next day will be Burney Falls State Park with my aunts Lisa and Joan who are meeting with me to camp out! So excited. 

Day 71 – July 19

1262.9 to Williams Cabin Site 1290.1 (27.2 miles)

SO. EXHAUSTED. 27 on a town day, I’m so proud of myself!

It was 21 miles to Belden Town, and I made it before 2pm. That’s pretty impressive! It was a bizarre descent from 7,000 feet all the way down to 2,000. As I got lower, the heat got more and more intense. Belden is a really small and interesting place. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but I’m glad I went. The trail goes right through it! I went into town with Golden and Snacks (facts about Snacks: He’s a really nice 24 year old dude from Australia who likes to make bad “dad jokes”, wears short shorts, and he ate TWO giant burgers in town.) the three of us spent the day together. Eating, talking and swimming in the river. I didn’t want to pay for a shower or laundry, so we used the river. It was so nice! The perfect day for it. 

We were in Belden Town for about 5 hours. The time flew! We didn’t want to get stuck there for the night so we decided to night hike 6 miles up the giant climb ahead. Back up to 7,000 feet! It’s a beautiful night. The moon is stunning! Golden stayed at a single tentsite about half a mile back, while Snacks and I are at the large tentsite where there’s a few others and a fire ring. Golden likes to camp alone! I wish I was more like that. I wish I didn’t get spooked so easily. Maybe I’ll try it more often. 

I didn’t resupply in Belden, but my next resupply is in two days! I’m excited. Drakesbad Guest Ranch! There’s hot springs…


Oh yeah! We picked blackberries along the trail. So yummy!